When at Inchtuthill not only will you be able to enjoy glorious views, riverside walks and genuine peace and quiet, the surrounding area is renowned for a vast abundance of wonderful wildlife.

What you might see whilst staying at Inchtuthill?

Roe Deer
You are likely to see roe deer all year round but they can look very different according to the time of year. They begin to grow antlers in November, shedding the velvet from them in the spring. You tend to see them on their own living a solitary life during the summer months forming a group with others through the winter.

Fallow Deer
Fallow are our favourites and we see them regularly from Inchtuthill. They love to visit the garden in the autumn when we have an abundance of apples falling from the trees. They are elegant creatures and you mainly see them wandering around in groups.

Brown Hare
Another Inchtuthill favourite. Hare are plentiful and lots of fun to watch especially in the spring when you sometimes see them boxing in the fields next to the house. Hare are renowned for their fast running, known to reach up to 45 miles an hour.

You might be kept awake at night by the sound of the owls! We are lucky to have both the barn owl and tawny owl in residence.

Occasional red squirrel
Red squirrels are being seen more and more in Perthshire and occasionally if you are lucky you might see one or two at Inchtuthill.

This beautiful bird of prey has made a fantastic come back across parts of the UK and are plentiful in the skies above Inchtuthill. They make a cat-like sound which is very distinctive “kee yaa”

You can visit Loch of the Lowes to see osprey but they are also visible locally.

There is evidence to suggest that there are beavers living locally. It is possible to go out with a local guide to see the Beavers but we suggest you book this in advance of your stay: Perthshire Wildlife

Wild Geese
We have to give the geese a mention as they are a spectacular during the autumn months when you see and hear them flocking in the sky above and landing on the surrounding fields – a wildlife spectacular...

Birds, birds and more birds:
We are lucky to benefit from a huge variety of native birds including swans, ducks, oyster catcher, curlew, partridge, pheasant, woodpecker, swallows, sand martins, house martins, yellow hammer and more.

Nature and environment
The landscape is forever changing around Inchtuthill. The land is made up of arable farmland and woodland and you mainly see wheat, barley, carrots, potatoes, rapeseed and peas growing in the surrounding fields.

The riverside path is just a 10 minute walk from Inchtuthill where the wild flowers are particularly stunning in late spring/early summer.